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When most people think about an attorney, they think about litigation and court proceedings. This is understandable, but there are attorneys with diverse experience who also have a background in mediation and arbitration. If you think mediation or arbitration may make sense for your legal issues, our Phoenix attorneys at Thies & Lihn, PLLC, two of whom serve as judge pro tems for the Maricopa County Superior Court, have the skills and experience necessary to serve as mediators and arbitrators assisting others in quickly and efficiently resolving disputes. Based on our diverse experience as litigators, our team offers mediation or arbitration as a cost effective and economical alternative to resolution of legal disputes through trial. We also find that resolution of cases through mediation or arbitration can provide the added benefit of allowing the parties to minimize the emotional toll that often accompanies resolution of disputes through more traditional legal avenues.

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Understand the Differences

Because mediation and arbitration are very similar, the subtle nuances between the two are often overlooked. They are similar in that they are both good alternatives to filing a formal lawsuit and going to trial. Both strategies can be used prior to a trial in an attempt to settle out of court. Opposing parties often first try to negotiate the terms of the case. If neither of these methods work, the case will then go to trial.

This alternative to trial is conducted with a single mediator who is considered an unbiased, third party. He or she does not make judgments about either party and does not determine the case in any one person's favor. Instead, he or she facilitates the discussion and leads the parties to a resolution.

Arbitrations typically involve multiple arbitrators who act similar to judges in a courtroom. They make decisions about evidence and give written opinions based on the facts and stories presented. Each party typically selects an arbitrator, and those two select a third arbitrator to hear the case. The three then use majority rule to make a decision.

Types of Cases

Examples of cases that utilize mediation and arbitration methods include:

  • Contracts
  • Leases
  • Small business ownership
  • Probate and estate disputes

Mediation is also common in disputes that stem from personality differences of interpersonal issues between neighbors, roommates, spouses, or coworkers. Our lawyers at Thies & Lihn, PLLC are also experienced mediators and arbitrators. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen carefully and clearly communicate with our clients. These skills are helpful during arbitration and mediation as the conversations are based on discussion and negotiation.

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